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This is groundbreaking news. And opens tremendous possibilities for all of us. Now Get Direct Jobs in EuropeRecently I came across something I thought was impossible. A person approached me for Visa help who just got a direct job in Estonia from Pakistan. The most exciting part? He was a welder by profession. There are many blue-collar Jobs in Europe that pay high salaries. You can even send that to your home for your family. I checked all the information and it was a legitimate offer. Thought to share it with you so you can also apply for the Job Opportunities in Europe.


Find a job in Europe. There are currently 4219118 Jobs waiting for you! Part-time, Full time, Temporary, or Permanent Vacancies depending upon the nature and type of Job. Just sign up, make a profile, and start for a job in Europe Directly. 

10 years ago it was nearly impossible to get a direct Job in EU. 5 years ago only software professionals started to get directly hired by other countries. And now we are seeing the first instance of blue-collar workers being hired directly in Europe. A Great chance to make a 2nd Passport and then apply for a Residency Program offered by Europe. Isn’t it breaking news? The details about the application process are given below.

How to Apply for Direct Jobs in Europe

  • Number of Opportunities4219118 Jobs
  • Country: European Countries

Step by Step Application Process

  • Go to this Website:
  • Search any European Country, or search by Job Title.
  • It will List all Jobs.
  • On the Left sidebar, you can select Part-time, Full Time, Language, Job Sector, Education Level, and Experience Level.
  • Select the Language for the Job, so it will list all Jobs which are in English. You can also select another language if you can speak it.
  • Make a profile and Start applying for jobs directly.




Job Sector

    • Accommodation And Food Service Activities (121565)
    • Activities Of Extraterritorial Organisations And Bodies (496)
    • Activities Of Households As Employers; Undifferentiated Goods- And Services-producing
    • Activities Of Households For Own Use (1186)
    • Administrative And Support Service Activities (850242)
    • Agriculture, Forestry And Fishing (16115)
    • Arts, Entertainment And Recreation (13175)
    • Construction (113335)
    • Education (66099)
    • Electricity, Gas, Steam And Air Conditioning Supply (6122)
    • Financial And Insurance Activities (27956)
    • Human Health And Social Work Activities (197471)
    • Information And Communication (65842)
    • Manufacturing (198756)
    • Mining And Quarrying (5142)
    • Other Service Activities (40707)
    • Professional, Scientific And Technical Activities (175114)
    • Public Administration And Defence; Compulsory Social Security (36700)
    • Real Estate Activities (13342)
    • Transportation And Storage (58767)
    • Water Supply; Sewerage, Waste Management, And Remediation Activities (17887)
    • Wholesale And Retail Trade; Repair Of Motor Vehicles And Motorcycles (195323)


    These Jobs are for low-level educated people, blue-collar jobs.

    • Shop sales assistants (127024)
    • Freight handlers (93096)
    • Manufacturing laborers not elsewhere classified (71583)
    • Nursing professionals (69164)
    • Cleaners and helpers in offices, hotels, and other establishments (58123)
    • Agricultural and industrial machinery mechanics and repairers (56987)
    • Heavy truck and lorry drivers (53457)
    • Building and related electricians (50118)
    • Waiters (49938)
    • Accountants (49654)
    • Cooks (49258)
    • Social work associate professionals (46151)
    • Secretaries (general) (45477)
    • Metal working machine tool setters and operators (41364)
    • Health care assistants (38279)
    • Accounting associate professionals (37638)
    • Motor vehicle mechanics and repairers (37538)
    • Plumbers and pipe fitters (32431)

    Jobs in 2023

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