Guidelines on How to get a job in China after graduation

How to get a job in China after graduation if you are an international student? Can you stay in the country to start? Based on my personal experience, I have compiled a step by step guide for foreigners to get a job in China after graduation:

  • Learn more about China’s business culture before any interview. The business area in China is very different from any other place in the world. The face is a very important aspect, because it is the means through which you reflect control and respect. It is crucial that you familiarize yourself with the Chinese label so that you have the best opportunity and avoid any clumsy misunderstandings!
  • Start your job search through international companies with offices in China.
  • Catch up on mandarin. Take a course if you’re not sure. Mastering the language will help you gain the confidence of your colleagues and highlight your commitment to culture and way of life.
  • Be punctual. As we already know, the face is of great importance and the first impressions also mean a lot. Make sure you arrive on time for the interview.
  • Listen to the advice of your Chinese friends. They will be able to share their own experiences with you and that will give you a privileged perspective on how to do well when working in China.

How is the labor market in China?

China’s economy has never been as strong as now, this means that job opportunities are plentiful. The competition is fierce, so it is advisable that you find out what will make you stand out among other candidates in your area of ​​work. Many of the large multinationals such as HSBC, Microsoft, IBM and Airbus have offices in China where they actively seek employees with international background. This is great news for international graduates like you!
Which Jobs are the most demanded in China?
As well as the companies mentioned above, other growing industries in China are consumer products, telecommunications, textiles, mining, pharmaceuticals and transportation, just to name a few. The country has a notable shortage of workers in engineering, medicine, informatics, environmental technology, production and tourism.

Can you work in China after graduation?

Working in China can be a bit difficult for international students and they do not allow them to work while they study. After graduating they can apply for a work visa (known as the Z visa), which requires a minimum of two years of work experience. However, in some cases there are exceptions, such as in the area of ​​teaching in China, which recruit English teachers through 12 programs per month.

How to apply for Work Visa (Z visa) in China?

Here is complete step by step guide to apply for work visa (Z visa) in China:
(1) Passport
Original signed passport with at least six months of remaining validity and blank visa pages, and a copy of the passport’s data page and the photo page if it is separate.
(2) Visa Application Form (Form V.2013) and Photo
One completed Visa Application Form with a photo on glossy photo paper glued onto the form (your photo must meet the requirements).
(3) Proof of legal stay or residence status (applicable to non-U.S. citizens)
You must provide the original and photocopy of your valid certificates or visa of stay, residence, employment or student status, or other valid certificates of legal staying provided by the relevant authorities of the country where you are currently staying.
(4) Photocopy of previous Chinese passports or previous Chinese visas (applicable to foreign citizenswho were Chinese citizens and have obtained foreign citizenship)
If you are applying for a Chinese visa for the first time, you should provide your previous Chinese passport held and a photocopy of its data page. If you have obtained Chinese visas before and want to apply for a Chinese visa with a renewed foreign passport that does not contain any Chinese visa, you should present the photocopy of the previous passport’s data page and the photo page if it is separate, as well as the previous Chinese visa page. (If your name on the current passport differs from that on the previous one, you must provide an official document of name change.)

(5) One of the following documents:

  •  Foreigners Employment Permit of the People’s Republic of China issued by Chinese government authorities for Human Resources and Social Security; if your intended work period is 90 days or less, you need to provide an Approval of Short-Term Employment for Foreigners Working in P.R. China. You must apply for your visa before the commencing work date indicated on the Approval and you will be allowed to work only within the period of time indicated in the Approval.
  •  Permit for Foreign Experts Working in China issued by the State Bureau of Foreign Experts.
  •  Registration Certificate of Resident Representative Offices of enterprises of foreign countries(regions) issued by Chinese authorities of industrial and commercial administration.
  •  An approval document for commercial performances issued by the Chinese government authorities for cultural affairs; if your intended performance period is 90 days or less, you need to provide an Approval of Short-Term Employment for Foreigners Working in P.R. China. You must apply for your visa before the commencing performance date indicated on the Approval and you will be allowed to perform only within the period of time indicated in the Approval.
  • Letter of Invitation to Foreigners for Offshore Petroleum Operations in China issued by China National Offshore Oil Corporation.


  1. The applicant should guarantee that all information provided in the application is true and correct. Any false, misleading or incomplete information may result in denial of the visa or refusal of entry into China.
  2. The invitation letter may be in the form of fax, photocopy or computer printout. An applicant may be required to submitan original invitation, provide other supporting documents, or schedule an interview with the consular officer.
  3. The consular officer willmake decisions on whether or not to grant a visa and allowed validity, duration of stay and number of entries based on individual application.
  4. A holder of category Z visa must apply for a residence permit at the local public security authorities within 30 days of entry into China unless the Duration of Each Stay on the visa is marked as 30 days.

China Facilitates Work for International Students:

The new work regulations for foreign graduates and holders of foreign degrees in China, make it easier for international students to stay and work in that country. This measure is the latest in China’s strategy to position itself as a study destination and attract talent to help globalize its workforce.
According to the new regulations announced on January 6 by the Ministries of Human Resources and Social Security, Foreign Affairs and Education, foreign graduates with a master’s degree or higher from a university in China are immediately eligible to apply for work visas within the year following your graduation. Similarly, foreign graduates with a master’s degree or higher from “overseas recognized universities” can seek graduate jobs in China within the year following graduation. Previous regulations required international students and students with foreign degrees to have a minimum of two years of work experience outside of China. And this precondition prevented international graduates from moving from school to work.
According to the Ministry of Education, in 2015, 390,000 international students studied in China. The country is taking steps to increase its participation in students around the world, including the increase in the number of degrees taught in English at Chinese universities, which according to MastersPortal are now 327, including 143 degrees and 184 master programs, mainly in Business Administration and STEM, in 105 universities.
To apply for a one-year work visa, foreign students must have guaranteed employment with a Chinese company in a field that matches their degree, meets the demands of local skills and offers a salary adjusted to market standards. Must be over 18 years old, have an average of B grade (80%) or higher and have no criminal record.

Useful sites to find work in China:

Here are the useful sites to find job in China:
51 job
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