How to Discover Universities with Scholarship Opportunities in Canada/US

There are several universities in the United States of America and Canada that provides excellent funding aid for international students who will be applying to study an eligible course in the universities. As we all know, to fund one’s educational career in a foreign country as an international student is not an easy feat most especially students from low-income or developing countries.

This piece of information will assist such students who are passionate about studying in the United States or Canada to achieve their goals. We will start this discuss by elaborating on the techniques to use as a foreign student to discover or search for universities in Canada and USA with scholarship opportunities.
It is advised by scholarship experts that scholarship applicants carry out independent search of information about their preferred scholarship on their own and should not wholly rely on information provided by third parties while searching for scholarships. This is because searching for scholarships yourself will help you know exactly what the requirements are and what you need to do to be awarded the scholarship.


The steps outlined below will provide any serious scholarship applicant with the pattern to follow in order to source for good scholarship/funding opportunities available in the United States of America or Canada:

  1. Search for list of states in USA or Canada: Type in your browser ‘list of states in USA’ or ‘list of states in Canada’ as the case may be. A list of all the states in your preferred country will be displayed for you which provides you with information on the possible state location where you can find universities with funding opportunities.
  2. Pick a state from the list: When you may have gotten the list of states in your preferred country (USA or Canada), proceed to search for list of universities in that state. For instance, if you picked ‘Alabama’ as your preferred state in the United States, proceed to search for ‘list of universities in Alabama’. A list of all of the universities in Alabama will be displayed which allows you to pick a university to see what it takes to study there and if there is any funding opportunity.
  3. Pick a university of choice and check the acceptance rate: Checking the acceptance rate of a university will give you information about the ratio of the total number of applicants for admission into a particular university to the number of students offered admission or being accepted to study at the university. The higher the acceptance rate, the better or higher your chances of a student being accepted to study in the university.
  4. Look out for Admission Checklist: Looking out for the admission checklist or requirements will provide you the opportunity of knowing what qualifications you need to have acquired for you to be admitted to the university. Navigate to where you can find information about the admission requirements for a particular course of study which may be slightly different from others. Some universities require that students submit their CVs, language proficiency certificate, references, statement of purpose and transcripts of results obtained from previous universities or colleges as the case may be.
  5. Select your choice department and check for funding: This is very important because certain departments or faculties offer special funding opportunities for their students. So, you locate your preferred department and carefully go through their admission requirements and funding opportunities available. Some departments offer tuition fee waiver or discount, full scholarship and graduate assistantship to graduate students as the case may be.
  6. Apply for the available scholarship/funding opportunity: After identifying the funding opportunities available, you may then proceed to apply for the funding. Some universities automatically award these funding opportunities to students who have met the scholarship requirement and have been admitted into a particular program. However, there are instances in which students are required to apply for the funding after being admitted into the university.

The above steps can be repeated for all the states in your preferred country to discover the scholarship/funding opportunities that best suit your needs. This may be a very tedious exercise but it is worth the stress as you will be able to find funding for your educational career as a foreign student.

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