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Application Closing Date
31st May, 2022 (05:00 PM EST).
Creative Associates International provides outstanding, on-the-ground development services and forges partnerships to deliver sustainable solutions to global challenges. Its experts focus on building inclusive educational systems, transitioning communities from conflict to peace, developing sustainable economic growth, engaging youth, promoting transparent elections and more. Creative is recognized for its ability to quickly adapt and excel in conflict and post-conflict environments.
Creative Associates International, Inc., acting on behalf of the USAID Nigeria Northeast Connection Activity, is soliciting offers for technical expertise in accordance with the Statement of Capabilities included as Attachment 1, and Creative’s Blanket Consultant Agreement Terms and Conditions included in Attachment 2.
Applications are invited for:
Job Title: NE Connection, Organizational Development Consultant
RFQ Number: CRFQ-HQ-0427
Locations: Borno, Adamawa, and Yobe
Description: NE Connection, Organizational Development Consultants
RFQ Release Date: September 29th, 2021
From: Creative Associates International, Inc., Washington, DC, on behalf of Nigeria Northeast Connection Activity (NEC)
Funded by: USAID
Statement of Capabilities

  • The USAID Nigeria Northeast Connection Activity aims to enhance the resilience of communities vulnerable to violent extremist infiltration and conflict and develop local capacity to respond to emerging threats.
  • The Nigeria Northeast Activity is seeking experienced Organizational Development Consultants to provide technical expertise to support their Civil Society Organization (CSO) capacity-building activity. The activity aims at: 1) identify Nigerian organizations and strengthen their ability to serve as anchor organizations that can operate in Borno, Adamawa, and Yobe (BAY) states and: 2) support the growth and development of small and nascent CSOs and Community Based Organizations (CBOs).
  • Consultants are expected to have the skills, qualifications, experience, education, and general expertise necessary to provide organizational development and capacity building technical assistance to strengthen the capacity of local civil society and community-based organizations in the Northeast to foster locally-led and sustainable conflict prevention, mitigation and response and social cohesion initiatives.

Specifically, the minimum qualifications for this agreement are:

  • Proficiency in three (03) or more of the following technical and functional areas:
    • USAID Organizational Capacity Assessments (OCA)
    • Incorporation and legal compliance of non-profit organizations
    • Financial management and systems strengthening
    • Organizational development
    • Strategic planning
    • Strategic communication
    • Resource mobilization and sustainability planning
    • Knowledge management
    • Monitoring and evaluation of projects
    • Human resources management
    • Organizational governance and board strengthening
    • Organizational leadership development
    • Organizational management
    • Project management
    • Procurement & logistics
    • Grant writing and applications
    • Grants management and USAID compliance
    • Project report writing
    • Strategic collaborations/partnerships and networking
    • Advocacy
    • Gender and youth engagement
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent required in Organizational Leadership, Organizational Development, Organizational Management, Institutional Strengthening, International Relations, Development, or related field.
  • A minimum of three (03) years’ experience in the respective area of expertise or five years (05) years’ consultancy experience in the respective area
  • Demonstrated experience in working with civil society, government and non-governmental institutions
  • Demonstrated experience consulting and engaging with executive-level leadership and USG and/or host country officials and local leaders
  • Experience writing reports, briefings and decks and presenting to clients in a way that is clear, professional and influential
  • Excellent facilitation and training skills
  • Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication, and oral presentation skills
  • Experience in training, coaching and mentoring nascent or emergent organization
  • Excellent planning, organizing, and time management skills.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Master’s Degree preferred, but not required.
  • Nigerian nationals are highly preferred.
  • Nigeria-based candidates are highly preferred.
  • Working proficiency or fluency in a local language is highly desirable
  • Professional training in the respective area of expertise is an advantage.
  • Professional experience in consulting and/or program and project management in transition, conflict, or complex environments is highly desirable
  • Professional experience working in the field of peacebuilding, governance, community mobilizations, conflict resolution, preventing and countering violent extremism or similar technical areas.

Estimated Period of Performance:

  • 10/15/2021 – 10/14/2022

Estimated Level of Effort:

  • BCAs will be issued for up to a one-year period of performance. Individual assignments will be issued through limited work orders that vary in duration and scope.

Tasks to be Performed:
The consultant will be responsible for liaising with Creative’s NE Connection leadership and other key team members to provide short-term technical, facilitation, or training support for program implementation that aligns with Creative’s project requirements. The consultant must have a proven ability to deliver under pressure and within deadlines and experience in field programming as this position exists for the purpose of providing the highest quality of implementation support for our project and local counterparts. Responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

  • Plan, design and conduct various Organizational Capacity Assessments (OCA) for multiple nascent and emergent CSOs and CBOs
  • Design tailored capacity building action plans for CSOs based on the outcome of the OCAs
  • Collaborate with anchor organizations to review OCA findings for assigned CSOs to ensure OD consultants and anchor organizations are aligned on the strengths and weaknesses of each CSOs, as well as the capacity building action plans
  • Conduct targeted and tailored trainings and workshops with anchor organizations for CSOs in respective areas of expertise, as needed and identified in capacity building plans
  • Provide coaching/mentorship support to individual staff, leaders and teams in respective areas of expertise
  • Conduct periodic assessments of CSO following OCA outcome progress
  • Work with Connection staff to track and analyze capacity building activities, needs, challenges, and accomplishments
  • Travel to field locations to establish relationships with CSOs and community actors and provide short-term technical assistance, mentoring and coaching to CSOs/CBOs and anchor organizations.

Results and / or Deliverables

  • Workplan for the completion of assigned OCAs
  • Weekly progress reports while OCAs are being completed
  • OCAs completed for 20+ CSO/CBOs
  • Submission of detailed report on the OCA process and outcomes (draft and final reports will be submitted)
  • Development of capacity development plans for assigned local CBOs/CSOs
  • Development of “handover” notes or PowerPoint slides that summarize the development plans for the CSOs’ anchor organizations, for easy handover.
  • Development training materials for training to staff and leadership of local CBOs/CSOs.
  • Training report for training staff and leadership of local CBOs/CSOs. Each training report will provide a summary of the topics trained, successes and challenges, as well as suggestions for the anchor organizations. Training materials, attendance sheets, and pictures will need to be submitted as annexes to the report.
  • Reports for any mentorship/progress visits or meetings with CSOs or anchor organizations.

Work Assignment:

  • Consultants with the requisite qualifications will be given a blanket consulting agreement under which specific work assignments will be ordered on an ad hoc basis, subject to consultant’s availability.
  • Consultants may be required to compete against other similarly qualified consultants, though generally work will be assigned and negotiated directly with the consultant.

Other Matters:

  • Creative is open to international and regional consultants, but Nigerian nationals are preferred.
  • All consultants will be expected to travel to the BAY states to complete most of the tasks.
  • The amount of travel will depend on the individual work orders.
Method of Application
All correspondence and/or inquiries regarding this Request for Quotations (RFQ) must reference the above RFQ number and be directed via email to: Creative intends to award one or more blanket consultant agreements under which work will be negotiated as fixed price or level of effort performance-based activities. Creative reserves the right to make multiple awards or no award as a result of this RFQ.
Please submit the following documents below in response to this RFQ:

  • Confirm that you have the qualifications and experience to perform the work as defined in the statement of capabilities AND are available to perform the work during the period of performance required.
  • An updated CV that reflects the education, skills, and experience required in Attachment 1, and demonstrates the ability to carry out the statement of capabilities;
  • Confirm that you can perform the work within the not-to-exceed level of effort (LOE) stated in the statement of capabilities or provide an alternate LOE and justify. Also include any non-labor costs expectations.

Please Note: Attachment 2 (Terms and Conditions) , Annex A (Reps, Certs and Consents form) and W-8 ; W-9 ; Vendor Forms , as applicable are provided for your information at this stage in the solicitation process. Completed forms will be required only if you have been selected for the consulting opportunity. However, you may complete, sign, and submit the forms as part of your response to this request.
A Budget Template is also provided. You are not required to use this template and can submit pricing in any format that allows Creative to evaluate the realism and reasonableness of your price in relation to the work required.
Selection will be made on the basis of technical capability and overall best value. Modifications to this RFQ, including closing date extensions, will be posted on the Creative website. Please check the website for updates.
Important Documents

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