Current Nigerian Army Ranks and Salary 2021/2022

In the article will discuss about the Nigerian Army Rank and ther acruing salary structures, How much the Nigerian Army earn monthly and their ranks.
Nigeria has the largest domicile of army in Africa, they have increased in number from 18,000 to over 126,000 over the years and are proudly known as the strongest land force in West Africa with numerous skilled and well trained foot soldiers and officers known for their braveness and courageousness over the years. They have also participated in numerous peace-keeping missions among other intervention missionswithin and outside africa. Also they have been remarkably successful in curtailing and handling crisis in recent times.

Different Ranks in Nigerian Army and their Symbols

In the Nigerian army lust like most other armies in the world, there are two categories of solderis and they are the commissioned and the non-commissioned officers, below we shall be discussing and listing them out accordingly and in descending order.

How To Join The Nigerian Army

The Nigerian army is indeed a force to recon with, because joining the greatest force in West Africa is certainly an honourable move and a great achievemenet for any passionate you, its also a great way to serve the nation better and leave your mark afterwards. Propective applicanta can join either as commissioned officer through the NDA/Short Servce or as Recruit for Non-COmissioned Officers.

Commissioned Officers in the Nigerian Army In Descending Order

Officers of the Nigerian Army pass through the Nigeria Defense Academy (NDA) before they were absorbed into the commision or alternatively qualitfied graduates from accredited Universities and tertiary institutions can also join as commissioned officers through Short Service whenever the application form is out.
The hierarcy of commissioned officers of the Nigerian Army along with their estimated monthly basic salaries are listed below:

  1. Field Marshal (5 Star General and the highest rank In the Nigerian Army)
  2. General (4 Star General)
  3. Lieutenant General (3 Star General)
  4. Major General (2 Star General)
  5. Brigadier General (1 Star General)
  6. Colonel
  7. Lieutenant Colonel
  8. Major
  9. Captain
  10. Lieutenant
  11. Second Lieutenant

Commissioned Nigerian Army Ranks and Salary Structure 2021/2022

Ranks Salary
Second Lieutenant- N120,000
Lieutenant N180,000
Captain N220,000
Major N300,000
Lt. Colonel N350,000
Colonel N550,000
Brigadier General N750,000
Major General N950,000
Lt. General N1 million
General N1.5 million


Non-Commissioned Officers in the Nigerian Army in Descending Order

These are military men who joined the army through the regular 6 months training in kaduna, Nigeria. Below is the hierarchy of their ranks and estimated salary structres:

  1. Warrant Officer Class I
  2. Warrant Officer Class II
  3. Staff Sergeant
  4. Sergeant
  5. Corporal
  6. Lance-Corporal
  7. Private
  8. Recruit
Ranks Salary
Corporal N58,000
Sergeant N63,000
Staff Sergeant N68,000
Warrant Officer N80,000
Master Warrant Officer N90,000

Apart from the salary structure, Nigerian army are entitled to bonuses like, free houses called (barracks) and they don’t pay for electricity supply like civilians.
Although there are speculations that the Federal government might have deducted this money from their gross income before paying them their net income. This means that the salary we are going to list down here today is the net income after every other deduction has been made.
Important fact you need to know about the Nigerian army

  • They are the largest land force in terms of total number in Africa
  • They have participated in numerous peace keeping operation than any other African country.
  • They have participated in peace keeping operation in almost all the continent including Asia, Middle East.
  • The peace and stability countries like Liberia Enjoy today can be attributed to the sacrifices of the Nigerian army

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