Nigerian Air Force Ranks and Salary 2021/2022

Nigerian Air Force Ranks and salaries are based on qualifications of  their Officers who are categorized into two, The Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officers.
Nigerian Air force is the Air-Focused military force. It was established in January 1964 with basic technical assistance from West Germany. The air force started as a transport department with aircrew trained in Canada, Ethiopia and Pakistan. The air force did not get a combat capability until a number of MiG-17 aircraft were presented by the Soviet Union in 1966. It flies transport, trainer, helicopter, and fighter aircraft.

Nigerian Air Force Ranks and Salaries

The Nigerian Air Force like any other air force has two categories of officers, The Commissioned Officers and the Non-Commissioned Officers

What is a Commissioned Officers?

A commissioned officer is an officer of the armed forces who has received a rank before officially assuming their position. Commissioned officers are tasked with training and leading enlisted soldier for an operation.
The Commissioned officers for the Nigerian Air force are listed below and in descending order:

  1. Marshal of the Nigerian Air Force
  2. Air Chief Marshal
  3. Air Marshal
  4. Air Vice-Marshal
  5. Air Commodore
  6. Group Captain
  7. Wing Commander
  8. Squadron Leader
  9. Flight Lieutenant
  10. Flying Officer
  11. Pilot Officer

Nigerian Air Force Ranks and Salaries for Commissioned Officers

1 Marshal of the Nigerian Air Force Yet to be attained
2 Air Chief Marshal N1,724,283
3 Air Marshal N1,486,451
4 Air Vice-Marshal N1,376,343
5 Air Commodore N677,895
6 Group Captain N352,631
7 Wing Commander N342,586
8 Squadron Leader N248,004
9 Flight Lieutenant N232,484
10 Flying Officer N218,400
11 Pilot Officer N187,159


What is a non-commissioned officer?

A non-commissioned officer (NCO) is a military officer that has not yet earned a rank or commission. They are always helping to execute the majority of military missions as well as leading by example at all times on the field.
However, there are nine ranks of the non-commissioned officers in the Nigerian Air force which includes.

    1. Air Warrant Officer
    2. Master Warrant Officer
    3. Warrant Officer
    4. Flight Sergeant
    5. Sergeant
    6. Corporal
    7. Lance – Corporal
    8. Air Craftsman
    9. Recruit

Nigerian Air Force Ranks and Salaries for Non-Commissioned Officers

1 Air Warrant Officer N171,793
2 Master Warrant Officer N165,697
3 Warrant Officer N101,974
4 Flight Sergeant N87,119
5 Sergeant N69,261
6 Corporal N55,832
7 Air Craftman N53,892
8 Recruit N10,237

How to Apply for Nigerian Airforce Recruitment

To apply for Nigerian Airforce, which includes the Airmen/Women cadre, you need to visit the official application portal Nigerian Air Force application form is obtainable on the online portal.  Candidate must Ensure to print out slip once the application is complete and submitted on the portal. You need to ensure your Attestation form is duly signed by a respected member of the society such as your LGA Chairman or a Military Personnel. Also have a Parent/Guardian consent/acknowledgement form.

Nigerian Air Force Recruitment Requirements

Minimum Age 18
Maximum Age (Tradesmen/Women) 25
Minimum Height 1.63 Metres
Maximum Height 1.66 Metres
Qualifications Minimum of 5 Credits in SSCE/GCE/NABTEB/NECOincluding Mathematics and English
Nationality Must be Nigerian by Birth

A B.Sc or Masters’s Degree from an accredited Tertiary Institution in any related discipline or an HND in a relevant course in any field of  study.

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